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Toy Design / Foodie Wood Blocks

Dive into the delightful universe of Foodie Explorer Blocks, a playful haven where young gourmands unite. Tailored for children aged 3 to 6, this toy sets the stage for a scrumptious adventure across the globe. With each play, your child will savor the journey from the intricate flavors of sushi in Japan, the heartwarming essence of a tamale in Mexico, to the diverse tastes of Dim Sum in China. Every block is a key, unlocking the rich tapestry of global cuisines and cultures, making every playtime a mouthwatering expedition around the world. - Toy Business Strategy - Toy Market Reaserch - CAD drawing - 3D Modeling - Rendering Play Value of this toy: - Object play - Construction play - Pretend play - Storytelling - Open-ended play

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